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Its the summer alfresco french garden furniture time

You can check out all of the products in our french garden furniture on the link below

Summer is the best time to enjoy an alfresco meal in the garden with your family members and friends. Or you may prefer to while away an afternoon relaxing and basking in the warm sunlight. Whatever you plan to do come summertime, it is essential that you have the right furniture and decor to make your time in the garden more pleasant and memorable. If you want to be transported to another world, why not create a French-themed garden? Here is a look at some of the types of French garden furniture that you can incorporate into your garden.

French-Style Bistro Set 

There is perhaps no furniture piece or set that defines French garden furniture more than a French bistro set. A typical French bistro set consists of a table and a few chairs that are made of wrought iron, and they feature charming curly patterns that give them a vintage look. Other than being aesthetically-pleasing, a wrought iron French bistro set is also very sturdy and durable. A high-quality one provides high resistance against the elements. If you prefer to get something else, you may be interested in a French country-style bistro set. A country-style bistro set can be made of metal or wood, and it usually has a simpler design than the typical French bistro set.




French-Style Garden Bench 

No garden is complete without a bench. French-style garden benches come in many different designs and materials. There are elegant wrought iron benches that feature intricate patterns on their frames, as well as benches with metal legs and wooden seat. You can also settle for a bench that is completely made of wood so far. If you want to have a specific French theme throughout your garden, it is a good idea to select a bench that matches your bistro set.




Decorative Items 

After selecting your French garden furniture pieces, you should consider getting some decorative items to reinforce the French theme. There are many decorative items that you can buy for your garden, including arbor, garden stands, plant pots, and others. An arbor can be a wonderful addition to your garden. It allows you to do vertical gardening to maximise garden space, create a garden room, increase accessibility to plants, and provides great visual appeal. A French-style arbor is usually made of metal, and it can come in a wide range of designs and sizes.




The main function of garden stands and plant pots is to hold plants, but they can also contribute significantly to the appearance of your garden. French-style garden stands and plant pots typically feature detailed designs, but you can also opt for simpler designs, depending on the overall theme of your garden.

As you sit at your beautiful wrought iron bistro set, sipping on a glass of wine and mesmerised by the sight of trees swaying in the summer wind, a sudden clarity of mind comes upon you. And all you can hear is Louis Armstrong's comforting voice in the background. C'est si bon.


You can check out all of the products in our french garden furniture on the link below

French Garden Tables & Chairs


French Garden Accessories


French Style Bird Feeders & Baths


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Check These French Chaise Longues & French Style Benches

We would like you to browse through our range of stunning and unique chaise longues and french style benches, take your time and see which one would best suit your rooms. These can be used as lounge chairs or simply placed strategically placed around the home as an elegant focal point.

Here is the link for the whole range of Chaise Longues and Benches


Antique French Style Telephone Bench Grey Fabric


Featuring a chocolate upholstered fabric seat and single drawer with a crystal handle, this ivory French style bench is sure to astound.

Antique French Style Telephone Bench Black Fabric


Featuring a black upholstered fabric seat and single drawer with a crystal handle, this French style bench is sure to astound.

The following products are known as a french style day bed. It is a hand carved piece made from mahogany and finished in a way that gives it an antiqued/aged look. With smooth curves and ornate designs, it is an ideal piece for a french style boudoir or a shabby chic designed theme. We can change the types of fabric used on these pieces which would need to be discussed with the sales team upon ordering.

La Rochelle Antique French Style Day Bed


La Rochelle Antique French Style Day Bed With Brown Fabric


Expertly hand crafted from the finest of natural material comes this wonderful antique French style chaise. Featuring a patterned fabric seat with marvelous studded detailing, this French style piece is sure to astound.

  • Antique White In Colour
  • Patterned Fabric
  • Studded Detailing

Antique French Style Chaise


Maison Antique French Style Bench


With centuries of ornate design and craft inspiring this stunning Rattan Antique French Sofa, the stories and history enriched within the piece will be sure to uplift the ambiance and class of any room. The Rattan Antique French Sofa is eye catching yet subtle, ready to easily fit alongside existing decor or as part of a new set.

Rattan Antique French Style Sofa



Rattan Antique French Style Sofa Ivory & Gold


Here is the link for the whole range of Chaise Longues and Benches


We supply a wide range of french style furniture that includes mirrors, lighting, beds, tables, stools, a wide range of seating and a large selection of french bedroom furniture sets which can be seen on the link below.

French Furniture: https://www.homesdirect365.co.uk/french-furniture-c487

French Bedroom Furniture: https://www.homesdirect365.co.uk/french-furniture-c487/bedroom-c562

French Garden Furniture: https://www.homesdirect365.co.uk/french-furniture-c487/french-garden-furniture-c24

French Lounge Furniture: https://www.homesdirect365.co.uk/french-furniture-c487/lounge-c1899

French Bathroom Furniture: https://www.homesdirect365.co.uk/french-furniture-c487/bathroom-c38

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Do you like contemporary or classic furniture

Furnishing a house is probably the dream of every women. Decorating the house which accents to the style and taste is a daunting task, the one in which furniture plays a crucial role, what type of furniture you like and what suits with the architecture of your house are important questions to ask. Here, let us guide you into a quick glance over the famous type of furniture styles available in the market today.

Contemporary Furniture

A family room, is the place you invest a great deal of energy unwinding with companions, family, and visitors. You'll need your parlour to coordinate your own style, so that your home says something in regards to your tastes and inclinations. Whether you like regular wood surfaces or metallic completions, modern and contemporary furniture is an awesome approach to flaunt your internal modernist. Embellishing your contemporary lounge with a present day couch or sectional, chair, complement table, or shelf can help you pull together an up-to-date, cutting edge home. Contemporary modern furniture looks best when your house is well-kept and moderate. Extensive open spaces with clean lines and a strong shading palette improves the look of advanced furniture in any room. You'll discover an assortment of present day shapes and plans consolidated with top notch material to make a portion of the best current furniture.

Some articles of contemporary furnishing worth looking at in the HomesDirect365 contemporary range

Chesterfield White Leather Wing Chair


White Leather Sofa with Black Diamontes


A couch or sectional is a key component in any family room. A modern day couch or sectional gives you a place to rest in the wake of a prolonged day, and a space to unwind with your family, companions, and visitors. Homes Direct 365 contemporary lounge room furniture, similar to couches, sectionals, love-seats, futons, and parlour sets, are made in a wide range of plans with brilliant upholstery. You can look over an assortment of upholstery materials that facilitate well with alternate things in your home. On the off chance that you favour delicate textures, then a characteristic cotton or chenille may be the best choice for your home. For the individuals who need to put forth a more emotional expression in their living area, cloth, artificial cowhide, and twill are additionally materials that will add a present day contort to your home. These materials are wrapped into current couch plans that element clean lines, normal materials, and tufted pads.

Contemporary seats can include extra seating in any contemporary lounge room. The best current drawing rooms have an assortment of seating alternatives, from couches and sectionals to arm and parlour seats. The absolute most contemporary modern furniture incorporates parson’s seats, papasan seats, side seats, shoe seats, and additionally parlour and wingback seats. These seats are made with an assortment of materials to facilitate with whatever remains of your stylistic layout. Present day highlight seat upholstery incorporates polyester mixes that are stain safe, twill, softened cowhide, velvet, calfskin, and chenille. In the event that you need to fuse a fun and present day highlight seat into your home, then velvet is the ideal material. You'll discover these materials incorporate various examples that can be layered with other monochromatic hues or other one of a kind shapes and outlines.


Some items of contemporary furnishing worth looking at in the HomesDirect365 contemporary matching ranges


Homes Direct 365 Aspen Collection

Homes Direct 365 Spark Industrial Collection

For the present day book beau, showing books in your front room doesn't need to resemble the cellar of a library. There are a variety of contemporary bookshelves that arrange well with whatever is left of your contemporary furniture. You'll even discover special 3D square cabinets with various size racks, so you can coordinate your most loved earthenware craftsmanship close by your book accumulation. You'll discover cutting edge bookshelves made with wood, cover, metal, and glass including rich hues and surfaces like coffee, chestnut, and mahogany.


Classical furniture

Considering what furniture to purchase for your business can be an intense procedure. Do you run with classics or something more contemporary? You might be enticed to run with current contemporary patterns since, let's be honest, "collectable" doesn't generally have the best notoriety. If you somehow managed to counsel a word reference, for example, you most likely wouldn't get an extraordinary early introduction of "collectable", especially when you see different equivalent words, for example, "out of date", "antiquated" and "out-dated". Yet, with regards to classical furniture, this couldn't possibly be more off-base.

Some of the advantages of classical furnishing are”


  1. There's dependably a story to tell

Yes, that antique seat has been around for some time, yet simply envision the stories it would tell in the event that it could. Outfitting your premises with delightful collectables will convey a little history to your business picture and may even start up a point of discussion between clients.

Here is a few from the HomesDirect365 french furniture range







  1. Naturally agreeable

By putting resources into antique furniture rather than new items, you're decreasing the requirement for assembling organisations to utilise new materials in making things without any preparation and rather, you're having your influence in battling the proceeding with battle with ecological contamination.


  1. Incredible quality items

For the most part, antique furniture is greatly well made. Quite a long time ago, that household item was affectionately made by somebody, made by their own hands and given a flawless wrap up. As its as yet standing decades later, you can make certain of its solidness.



Homes Direct 365  | homesdirect365 | HomesDirect 365 | Homes Direct365 | HD365 

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French Style Crushed Velvet Beds Look Better


It is well known that velvet fabrics sport a unique and unusual softness in both appearance and feel. Historically, velvet has often been associated with nobility due to its high cost of production and its luxurious properties. However, in recent trends, velvet is on its way back from plush designer clothing to our homes, giving traditional furnishings a colourful new spin.

In recent months, velvet with its richness of colour and texture made a bold statement among the fashion conscious people. As a result, the new fad of crushed velvet furniture and upholstery is sweeping the scene with its uniqueness and personality. Consequently, velvet has been embraced as part of an eclectic contemporary look, which is seen from the sudden spike in demand for crushed velvet beds.

Here is the Homesdirect365 current range of crushed velvet beds with more to be added shortly


With a stunning Crushed Velvet fabric on the front and back of the headboard, this bed is ideal as a focal point in a variety of bedroom settings. Handcrafted from natural materials, this bed will impress across generations.



The velvet is a woven tufted fabric, with cut threads that are evenly distributed and with a short dense pile, thereby creating a distinctive feel of smoothness. Velvet can also be made from synthetic and natural fibres, but a combination of silk & rayon is the most popular choice. A crushed velvet fabric is treated with heat and pressure to produce a surface that is uneven and crinkled. It is also be produced by way of mechanically twisting the fabric while it is wet. This results in a patterned look that is highly lustrous with the full body.

Crushed velvet is mostly used for making upholstery like drapes, curtains, pillows, seat covers, apparels etc. It is often coated with a backing to provide stability to the fabric to withstand regular wear and tear. Recently, crushed velvet fashion garments and beds are getting very popular. They have a remarkable lustre effect that appeals to the masses and gives a unique look.


Here is the Homes direct 365 current range of crushed velvet beds with more to be added shortly


Handcrafted and carefully built by experts, this delightful ornate bed finished in a stunning antique white with a stylish crushed velvet fabric detailed headboard is sure to impress across generations.


The crushed velvet fabric is an ultra-high end material that sports a very glossy and soft touch. There are stunning ranges of trendy crushed velvet upholstered beds available in the market with luscious colours. Undoubtedly, it has become a fashion trend and a must have addition to your bedroom.

The vibrant shades of these crushed velvet beds coupled with an oversized button back or a curved headboard can instantly impart a feeling of luxury and drama into a room.


Here is the Homes Direct365 current range of crushed velvet beds with more to be added shortly


Finished in a silver and featuring distinguished ornate detailing with a decorated Crushed velvet fabric buttoned headboard and foot-board, this bed is ideal to add a touch of elegance and style in your bedroom today.


The velvet has been used since long in history and will never go out of fashion, as it is timeless. Velvet is perfect for rooms that are predominantly used in evenings such as living rooms and bedrooms, the reason being it reflects light beautifully. Soft lighting can make it look even more magical. It is said that velvet does a lot of talking and it often combines with other materials for a cosy, comfortable look.

Here is our current range of crushed velvet beds with more to be added shortly


Add a touch of modern style in your wonderful home with this exceptional piano bed. Upholstered in a plush black Crushed Velvet fabric with to large drawers for ample storage space.


We have a phrase “as soft as velvet”, because there is really nothing quite as soft as velvet. Adding velvet to an interior design plan creates a voluptuous sense of opulence and it is part of modern living. Crushed velvet looks majestic in a vivid colour or in neutral palette, as it catches light like no other fabric. Crushed velvet beds bring luxury and comfort to any home. With its plush sensual feel and its rich shimmering texture, it is bound to turn heads and there is nothing like a warm crushed velvet bed to cosy up on.

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The New Trend of Crushed Velvet Beds

One of the softest fabrics in the world is velvet. It is a soft pile material that has been part of clothing and upholstery ever since the Middle Ages. The world velvet actually refers to the weave of the fabric. Traditionally, velvet was made from silk. It was made using a special loom that generated fabric which has two layers of thickness at the same time. The process was done by hand and thus very tedious. Due to this, velvet commanded a very high price. As a result, only royalty or the upper class could afford it. Today, cotton, linen, mohair, wool and synthetic material are used to make this fabric. Industrial methods of producing velvet have lowered its price such that it is within reach of the general public. However, its still associated with wealth due to its gorgeous texture. There are many types of velvet. Examples of these are devore, velveteen, hammered, embossed, plain and crushed velvet. One of the most trendy types today is crushed velvet. Read on to learn more about it and how it is used to make crushed velvet beds.

Finished in silver and featuring distinguished ornate detailing with a decorated Crushed velvet fabric buttoned headboard and foot board, this bed is ideal to add a touch of elegance and style in your bedroom today.  You can find more styles on the site at www.homesdirect365.co.uk.

What is crushed velvet?

Crushed velvet is made by conducting special actions on the fabric. To create this variant, the fabric is twisted while it is wet. Moreover, it is pressed down all over so as to give it a unique texture. After that, it is brushed while moist and left to dry. The effects on the fibres of the velvet set and become permanent when it dries. This results in the appealing look of the crushed velvet. To make it more interesting, crushed velvet can have unique, attractive designs. This is done by weaving in threads of various colours in the fabric as it is made. Once these are weaved in, the special procedure is performed to result in multicoloured crushed velvet. This type of velvet is popularly used as upholstery for the house. Today, it is popularly used to cover furniture such as beds. As a matter of fact, some of the most trendy items to buy today are crushed velvet beds.

With a stunning crushed velvet fabric on the front and back of the headboard with crystal detailing, this bed is ideal as a focal point in a variety of bedroom settings. Handcrafted from natural materials, this bed will impress across generations. You can find more styles on the site at www.homesdirect365.co.uk.
This fabric is currently being used to create beds which are luxurious and supple. The fabric is used to cover the headboard and the foot of the bed. It is also used to line the sides and underside of the bed too. Various colours of crushed velvet are used for this purpose. Moreover, a combination of sponge and decorative rivets are used to create a diamond quilt design on these beds. This is done mostly on the headboard. There are some exceptional examples of these beds. Examples of these are the crushed velvet Chesterfield sleigh bed, the Cube crushed velvet Super King bed and the Eton crushed velvet bed. These beds look luxurious, have soft surfaces and are more comfortable all thanks to the crushed velvet.

With a stunning Crushed Velvet fabric on the front and back of the headboard, this bed is ideal as a focal point in a variety of bedroom settings. Handcrafted from natural materials, this bed will impress across generations. You can find more styles on the site at www.homesdirect365.co.uk.
Crushed velvet is a durable fabric that is heavy and has a bold sheen. It is important to conduct the right procedures when cleaning velvet. The general way of cleaning crushed velvet is simply to brush off any dust using a hair brush which has soft bristles. If there is a stain on the crushed velvet, it requires a more thorough cleaning process. Firstly, you need to get some warm water and mix it up with detergent. After that, cover the container and shake it up until you have suds forming. Using a soft cloth, pick up the suds and dab them on the stain. Do this until the stain is completely lifted off. This is a straightforward way of cleaning crushed velvet. This material is well known for being luxurious and soft. Thus, one of the most comfortable and beautiful beds which you can get today is the crushed velvet bed.
Come and check out the  Homesdirect 365 Crushed Velvet Beds Range and see which one you like the most
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What do you know about Chinese furniture design

Homes Direct 365 have a large range of different furniture styles for the home and today we introduce you to our Chinese furniture range. Its not everyday you walk into a home and see Chinese furniture and you certainly don`t have to be Chinese to enjoy this kind of beautifully crafted furniture

Chinese furniture designs have evolved over the years. The styles and features of the furniture is adapted from the Qing dynasty. It is categorised into four: the Beijing category, the Guangzhou category, the Shanghai category and the Suzhou category. Furniture from the Beijing category have a simple design and their development is based on the furniture from the Ming dynasty. The Guangzhou category furniture features include the integration of marbles and shellfish shells and were made in the 19th century. They as well integrated western influence. The Shanghai category had decorative sculptures on their design. The Suzhou category were more complex in design which differs from the Beijing category.

With centuries of ornate design and craft inspiring comes this stunning Chinese Chest, the stories and history enriched within the piece will be sure to uplift the ambiance and class of any room. This Chest is eye catching yet subtle, ready to easily fit alongside existing decor or as part of a new set such as our antique French furniture. This marvelous Chest is an engaging and enchanting hand crafted piece you won't regret.

Mother of Pearl Chinese Chest


With centuries of ornate design and craft inspiring comes this stunning Chinese Chest of Drawers, the stories and history enriched within the piece will be sure to uplift the ambience and class of any room. This Chest is eye catching yet subtle, ready to easily fit alongside existing decor or as part of a new set. This Mother of Pearl Chest is an engaging and enchanting hand crafted piece you won't regret.

Mother of Pearl Chinese Chest of Drawers



The Qing furniture date back to the beginning of the Qing Dynasty while the Ming furniture date back from the end of the Ming Dynasty. Qing furniture was known for its engraved decorations. Painting was also incorporated into the design as decoration. Engravings made were of geometric shapes and nature scenes. The Ming furniture used durable hardwoods like the red sandalwood which release a beautiful scent.

The type of hardwood used in making Chinese furniture was generally known as Rosewood, or as most people call it, red wood. This wood is characterised by higher density to water due to the oils and resins in the wood. These features make it rot resistant, insect resistant, hard to wear out and when new, they have a lovely sweet scent. When making furniture with this type of wood, nails and glue are not necessary because the joinery and dowelling technique creates stronger furniture joints.

From our stunning collection of Chinese furniture comes these exceptional mother of pear table. This table includes 6 stools, all featuring delicate designs are a welcomed addition to our ever expanding range of furniture collections. Handcrafted and carefully built to the highest quality, this table and set of stools are sure to astound and brighten up any room in your wonderful home.


Mother Of Pearl Oval Table With Stools


With centuries of ornate design and craft inspiring this stunning Mother of Pearl Cabinet with Lighting, the stories and history enriched within the piece will be sure to uplift the ambience and class of any room. The Mother of Pearl Cabinet with Lighting is eye catching yet subtle, ready to easily fit alongside existing decor or as part of a new set. The Mother of Pearl Cabinet with Lighting is an engaging and enchanting hand crafted piece you won't regret.

Mother of Pearl Cabinet with Lighting


There are eight classes of wood standards according to the Chinese industry: the Huali wood, the Zitan wood, the Jichi wood, the Xiangzhi wood, the Tiaowen wu wood, the Yinchen wood, the Hong Suanzhi wood and the Hei Suanzhi wood. Most of the species that fall into these classes are however endangered due to over logging. The most common was the Zlatan wood and was mainly reserved for prominent people and rulers. It had a dark purple colour similar to the Qing dynasty colour and was very rare.

As stated earlier, Chinese furniture does not need glue or nails. Designers, however, join the wood pieces using a sophisticated joint network. The reason for this is these oily woods do not join well with glue or nails due to the climatic conditions of most of central and Eastern Asia. Early design shapes were of a box-like form. This design was constantly improved over time.

Most of the designs considered as Chinese designs were first noticed during the Tang dynasty. It is from this point that other Chinese furniture type usage was common with most of the Chinese. These types include the cabinet, bookshelves, stools, desks, beds, chairs, trunks, screens and tables. Hanging of clothes was a trait not recognised by the Chinese and as such, they would fold their clothes and put them in trunks and cabinets.

Currently, most Chinese furniture designers use old furniture design techniques with new ones. Similarly, they implement western design styles into their traditional designs creating beautiful contemporary Chinese furniture.

Come over to to our Homes Direct 365 Chinese Furniture Range and check out our full selection and make a Chinese room in your home. Once again Homes Direct 365 Limited turn out the best deals and most elegant styles of furniture around.

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Do You Use Mirrors For Selfies

From rooms, staircases and lobbies in illustrious castles to today's rooms and halls in lofts, mirrors have dependably put a touch of enchantment to the decor of our homes. Mirrors have always been connected with good fortunes and well being. You ought to know where to put the mirror as it influences your life. With the selfie trend going viral, mirror selfies have come out to be the most popular form of selfies, are you one of the selfie enthusiasts who loves taking selfies in front of the mirror? Well, today Homes Direct 365 will be taking you through a guide about different mirrors so that you can choose the best “Selfie” one for yourself.

Distinctive sorts of materials are utilised to make diverse sorts of mirrors. At first, generally silver was utilised to make a mirror however today glass is the most broadly utilised material. The mirror thickness by and large shifts from 3 mm to 6 mm.

1. Divider Mirrors
Divider mirrors are for the most part substantial in size and arrives in an extraordinary assortment. It can be hung or divider mounted by the weight and size of the mirror. You can purchase divider mirrors with casings or without edges. While purchasing frame-less mirrors, kindly bear in mind to check the nature of mirror clasps or sections alongside it. It is critical to think about it as these sections hold the mirror against the divider.  In this way you can give another look to your foyer or an extensive divider by putting a vast divider reflect on it. It is illusive in nature and gives an open look to your room


2. Classical Mirrors
The narrative of antique mirrors began in Italy in the seventeenth Century and it is still in use. There are distinctive sorts of antique mirrors accessible in the Indian market. The impact of the Renaissance craftsmanship and culture can be found in the complicated outlines of the aesthetics of the old fashioned mirrors.  Rococo mirror is a kind of antique mirror which is by and large overwhelming and has carvings. It has a rich look and gives a regal vibe to your room. Another sort of antique mirror is Rococo which likewise has overwhelming carvings however are for the most part flower in plan.


3. Floor standing Mirrors
Put a huge mirror with a wooden casing on the floors of your display against the dividers or just basically put it on the floor in your room. Floor standing mirrors add a touch of shine to your room and make your room elusively look bigger. The wooden edge of the mirror gives a rural look and adds an alternate appeal to the entire space.



4. Dressing Mirrors
Dressing mirrors are the most usually utilised mirror in each family. It is a fundamental need and is an unquestionable requirement in each room or changing area. By and large, a mirror is appended to the dressing table and a couple of drawers for capacity. Today the pattern is to mount a long dressing mirror on the divider. Cutting edge home insides are about keeping it insignificant. Cheval floor mirrors are likewise utilised as dressing mirrors. You can likewise get dressing mirrors with in-fabricated storage room.



5. Freestanding Mirrors
These mirrors stand without much support on a wooden frame or any other material used for the frame. Freestanding mirrors are ideal where there is shortage of space. They come in different shapes and sizes so you can easily buy them from here according to your taste and style.


6. Fashioned Iron Mirrors
On the off chance that you need to go for some spending inviting alternatives, you can get a mirror with a fashioned iron edge. It is anything but difficult to keep up and light in weight.
In this manner, a mirror is not only a negligible bit of adornment. It upgrades and decorates your home interior and makes space dream. You simply need to choose the correct spot where you need to place it, get the right estimation and just abandon the mirror.



These different sorts of mirrors can fit well into any house. And what better could be snapping a selfie in front of your elegant mirror! You can view our full range of mirrors on the link below, also the Homes Direct 365 full range of mirrored furniture to help fill your home with sunlight.

Homes Direct 365 French Mirror Range


Homes Direct 365 Mirrored Furniture Range

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Directors Selection From Our French Furniture Range

Here we have a selection of french furniture for different rooms of the house, french furniture that the Director has picked out as his favourite. We have such a large range that an endless amount of combinations can be used. Why not comment below the choices you would use in your room, do you like what the Directors chosen or would you use other items from our range.

-Full French Style Furniture Range Here-


Okay so lets make a start with the communal parts of the house like the living room and lounge area where we invite guests over and spend a lot of our time.

HD365 French style TV Cabinets Range

This is the Black Bergere Antique French Style TV Cabinet. With centuries of ornate design and craft inspiring comes this stunning Antique French TV Cabinet in a luxurious black. The stories and history enriched within this piece will be sure to uplift the ambience and class of any room.


2 Drawers

Capable of holding a flatscreen TV of 60 inches

This is the Marrakech Antique French Style Nest of Tables.  Complete that look that you desire with our fantastic award winning furniture from the Marrakech range, and brighten up your home with this stunning set of 3 nest of tables.

HD365 French Style Side Tables Range


Black & Silver In Colour

Embellished Design

Three Tables Included

Here we have an Antique French Style Display Cabinet for all of your valuables and collectables.  Expertly hand crafted from the finest of natural material this Antique French Cabinet is a fantastic must have addition for your home. Beautiful and full of character, this Display Cabinet is a fine example of why our personal human craft over machine made is the high quality you deserve.

HD365 French Style Bookcases & Displays Range


Glazed Display Cabinet

Black In Colour

Gold In Colour

2 Large Drawers

You can never have too many books, its a shame so many people do not read anymore but for those that you may like our Antique French Style Bookcase. Expertly hand crafted from the finest of natural material, this antique French bookcase is a fantastic must have addition for your home.

HD365 French Style Display Cabinets Range


Remember all the goodies that you used to find in your mothers or grandmothers sideboard along with all of her prize china and dinner sets and perhaps some exquisite spirits. Well maybe its time you followed suit and purchased one of your own like this Black Antique French Style Sideboard.

HD365 French Style Sideboards Range


Black In Colour

Made From Solid Mahogany

Now lets get onto the bedroom, some of our finest items come from our french style bedroom furniture range and our best sellers!

HD365 French Style Bedroom Furniture Range

So the main focal point of any bedroom is usually the bed of course and that is what we will show you first. Keeping with the dark theme how about this Rattan Black Red Rub Antique French Style Bed.  This marvelous antique French bed is hand carved, in a stunning antique black red rub finish. Invite a touch of elegance into your home with this stunning rattan bed from our award-winning painted bedroom collection. This bed has an exquisite finish, delicate wood carvings in solid mahogany, and smooth curves so you can achieve that beautiful shabby chic or boudoir look.

HD365 French Style Beds Range


Solid Mahogany

Slatted Base

Mattress, sheets, pillows, etc. not included

HD365 French Style Bedside Tables Range

To accompany the bed and give you somewhere to put your bedside lamp and coffee we have the Silver Trim Antique French Style Bedside Table that fits well with the Rattan Black bed above. This exquisite French bedside. I'ts elegant silver trim and 1 drawer provides ample storage space and gives a very appealing look, adding great aesthetics and style in your wonderful home.


Black Wooden Bedside

Silver Painted Trim

Now we need somewhere to store your clothes and other garments which is where the Bombe Antique French Style Chest comes into play.  Finished in black with stunning silver decoration. Everything about this chest oozes style. Completely hand made, carved, finished and assembled it will add a wonderfully eclectic feel to any room.

HD365 French Style Chest Of Drawers Range


Black In Colour

Silver Detailing

3 Drawers

Again your going to need somewhere to store your clothes and garments without getting them all creased and crinkled which can be so annoying and this is where the La Rochelle Antique French Style Wardrobe comes into play.  As one of our most popular ranges the La Rochelle collection ensures elegance and the utmost quality, and as seen here this Wardrobe displays smooth curves with intricate ornate design allowing you to achieve that perfect French boudoir or shabby chic feel.

HD365 French Style Wardrobes & Armoires Range


Hand Carved Mahogany

Easy Assemble

3 Door

HD365 French Style Ottomans & Blanket Boxes Range

Marrakech Antique French Style Blanket Boxes


Black & Silver In Colour

Embellished Design

HD365 French Style Screens Range

Audrey Hepburn Screen Divider


So now that we have the bulk of the room kitted out its time to add a few touches for you to use when getting ready like one of our french dressing tables and french mirrors. This La Rochelle Black Antique French Dressing Table Set is so elegant that its a must.  Hand carved, in a stunning antique black finish. Invite a touch of antique French elegance into your home with this Antique French Dressing Table from our award-winning antique French painted bedroom collection.

HD365 French Style Dressing Tables Range


Black In Colour

Mirror & Stool Included

This Item Comes Flat-Packed

HD365 French Style Cheval Mirrors Range

Black Antique French Style Cheval Mirror


Black In Colour

Antiqued Effect Frame

Keep checking back on our blog for more combinations of french style furniture. We will post collections of varying colours and styles to help you decide and get the combination that suits your taste best. Good luck on your mission to kit out your home with this award winning unique french style furniture.

The following article Directors Selection From Our French Furniture Range is courtesy of www.homesdirect365.co.uk